Burg-Apotheke is a think tank

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Die Burg-Apotheke ist ein Thinktank

Burg-Apotheke is a think tank

§1a (3) 1
Pharmacy Operating Regulations:
Pharmaceutical activity within the meaning
of this Regulation is "the development
and manufacture of medicinal products".

We produce, but we also develop. This gives us the opportunity to make substances available for therapeutic purposes for which no ideal therapy was previously possible due to the properties of the substance.

One example of this is curcumin.
Curcumin has many beneficial effects, but is virtually impossible for the body to absorb when ingested. Until recently, its lack of water solubility was also an obstacle to the production of injections. We solved the problem and developed an infusion concentrate.

It can be ordered on prescription and produced by us. This is just one of our many developments.

We specialise in particular in solutions to problems that are aimed at therapies in oncology and the complementary medical treatment of oncology patients. At a time when patient "self-education" is often a priority, you too will certainly encounter such requests.

You bear responsibility for the treatment – the therapist. We bear responsibility for the product. Whatever therapy options you have in mind for your patients – talk to us about them. We will rise to the challenge and find a solution. We promise.

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