Who we are and what we stand for

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Identität und Selbstverständnis

Who we are and what we stand for

When I took over the Burg-Apotheke in Königstein im Taunus in 1987, no one could have guessed the upheaval in health policy that pharmacies were to face in Germany in the years to come. There is hardly any other sector in Germany that has been so influenced by direct and indirect legal regulations as pharmacies. The reason is that pharmacies fulfil a special role in the healthcare system. Every day they guarantee the supply of a particular resource to millions of people: pharmaceutical products. That means taking responsibility.

We face this responsibility in a special way, as we recognise that medication should always mean individual treatment. Every customer and every patient is an individual. It is the therapist's duty to recognise this and to treat in accordance with this awareness. Our task, in contrast, is to put the therapist's instructions into practice.

It is irrelevant as to whether a custom formulation is produced that is individually tailored to the patient' s needs or whether an industrially produced finished preparation is to be dispensed. The quality must always be the same. That is what we stand for. We provide the necessary quality with the required expertise.

We specialise in the production of custom formulations. We produce all forms of medication, especially injection and infusion solutions, in our specially equipped and officially inspected sterile laboratory.

We are committed to providing therapists and patients with pharmaceutical products that are tailored to the specific therapeutic objective.

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