The pharmacist

Uwe-Bernd Rose
Pharmacist. Visionary.

Uwe-Bernd Rose is a well-known figure and a proven expert in the health care sector with an international reputation. With his wealth of experience from over 35 years of applied pharmacy, he develops outstanding products from natural active ingredients that help, accompany and alleviate and thus enhance the life and health of many people.

He draws on a valuable experience and successful studies into natural products, unlocking their potential and resources and further refining their use and application. His research and activities focus in particular on the critically ill and people with rare diseases.

Uwe-Bernd Rose holds 15 manufacturing patents, including for curcumin i.v. Every day he works in the Burg-Apotheke network and the Eurozyto Group (, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Königstein with more than 200 highly committed employees on innovative forms of treatment and new perspectives for the benefit of the patient.

  • He is the owner of the Burg-Apotheke pharmacy, with its in-house sterile laboratory, and of the Apotheke am Kreisel pharmacy in Königstein im Taunus
  • OHe owns the GMP laboratory SYNVERDIS, Heidelberg. Focus: production of the photosensitiser chlorin e6
  • He is a partner in the Eurozyto Group, Königstein im Taunus:
  • Eurozyto GmbH, manufacturing business with clean room laboratory according to GMP guidelines that markets the "all-in-one multi-chamber bag" EUROTUBES®
  • Ligetis GmbH, patient care in the areas of doctor-guided home care and rare diseases
  • Pharventia GmbH, pharmaceutical wholesaler